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 client-side compressed types
Task ID240
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Created byMdcallag30 Sep 2011Done
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 High-Level Description
Is it possible to add a variant of the blob types that is compressed on the client 
side? By this I mean that the client library handles compression and decompression 
so that the client code does not have to deal with it. 

The benefit from this is reduced load. There will be less network traffic between 
client/server and master/slave. This uses less space in the binlog, relay log, 
innodb transaction log and database files. The alternative is to use compression 
between client/server and master/slave but that doesn't help with the size of the 
binlog file nor with the innodb datafiles or log file.

We have too many cases where huge text/blob values store uncompressed JSON and the 
bloat from that hurts performance.
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