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 Re-merge PBXT into MariaDB with proper history using bzr merge-into
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Created byKnielsen22 Jan 2010Done
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 High-Level Description
PBXT is maintained in its own repository separate from MariaDB (as it is also
used for MySQL and Drizzle).

Merging new PBXT features into MariaDB is currently a manual process where a
copy inside the MariaDB tree is manually patched to match the latest version
in the real PBXT repository. This is a pity, as it requires extra work, and
the PBXT revision history is not available in the MariaDB tree.

Bzr actually has a feature to properly merge one repository into another with
preservation of full history and bzr-assisted merging. This is used for merging
XtraDB into MariaDB. Some information on this here:

We want to do this for PBXT also. However, this is currently blocked on a bug
in bzr:


Once this bug is resolved, we would want to re-do the inclusion of PBXT into
MariaDB, using `bzr merge-into` and following the procedure in the bug report.
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