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 Add Sphinx storage engine to MariaDB
Task ID42
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Created byMonty10 Aug 2009Done
Lead Architect    
Architecture Review 23 Jul 2010
Implementor 23 Jul 2010
Code Review 26 Jul 2010
Documentation 26 Jul 2010
 High-Level Description
Add the Sphinx storage engine to the MariaDB tree
 Task Dependencies
Others waiting for Task 42Task 42 is waiting forGraph
127 generalize mtr to support per-suite extensions
 High-Level Specification

Andrew Aksyonoff from Sphinx is helping to integrate the SphinxSE plugin into
the MariaDB tree.

It is a plugin, so it can be added to the tree just by including the
sub-directory storage/sphinx/.

The Sphinx plugin is already of some maturity, having been used with MySQL for
some time.


To get testing in the mysql-test-run framework, some extensions are needed.

To use the Sphinx storage engine, the external Sphinx search daemon needs to
be running with some data directory containing indexed data. It also needs to
be allocated a port.

This is the indended approach:

1. Testing will use an external Sphinx setup installed on the machine. Sphinx
binaries will be searched in typical locations (eg. /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin),
or can be specified explicitly in the environment with SPHINXSEARCH_INDEXER
and SPHINXSEARCH_SEARCHD for the two required binaries. If the external Sphinx
binaries can not be found, then Sphinx tests will be disabled (using some
--source include/ in the test cases).

2. The mysql-test-run framework will install Sphinx search data and start/stop
the Sphinx search daemon for the test cases, similarly how it is done for the
other servers mysqld, ndbd, etc. We will run the Sphinx search daemon with
options --console, --config, and --pidfile.

3. The mysql-test-run framework will generate a Sphinx config file from a
template in mysql-test/suite/sphinx/my.cnf. This config file will allocate
ports and data directories appropriate for avoiding conflicts between multiple
simultaneous mysql-test-run executions. The Sphinx config file is sufficiently
similar to MySQL my.cnf that we can use the existing framework for generating
config file, with just a slightly modified variant of the code writing the
file to disk.

4. The mysql-test-run framework will pre-load the mysql database with tables
and data for Sphinx to index. It will then run the `indexer` program to
generate the indexes, and then start the `searchd` daemon. These three steps
must be done in order, as each step depends on the previous. ALTERNATIVE: it
might be possible to pre-generate the necessary data/index files and store
them in the source tree.

I pushed a proof-of-concept patch for this here:


Here is a sample test case using this:

--source include/
--source include/

eval create table ts ( id int unsigned not null, w int not null, q varchar(255)
not null, index(q) ) engine=sphinx
select * from ts where q='test';
drop table ts;
 Low-Level Design
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NameHours WorkedLast Updated
Knielsen907 Jun 2010
Sergei626 Jul 2010
 Hrs WorkedProgressCurrentOriginal
This Task15016
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 Progress Reports
(Sergei - Mon, 26 Jul 2010, 09:40
code review, sphinxse fixes, looking at mtr changes - moved them to wl#127
Worked 6 hours and estimate 0 hours remain (original estimate decreased by 1 hour).

(Sergei - Mon, 26 Jul 2010, 08:48
Code Review signoff

(Sergei - Mon, 26 Jul 2010, 08:48
Status updated.
--- /tmp/wklog.42.old.14860	2010-07-26 08:48:40.000000000 +0000
+++ /tmp/	2010-07-26 08:48:40.000000000 +0000
@@ -1 +1 @@

(Sergei - Mon, 26 Jul 2010, 08:48
Documentation signoff

(Sergei - Mon, 26 Jul 2010, 08:45
Dependency created: WL#127 now depends on WL#42

(Sergei - Fri, 23 Jul 2010, 12:05
Status updated.
--- /tmp/wklog.42.old.2562	2010-07-23 12:05:29.000000000 +0000
+++ /tmp/	2010-07-23 12:05:29.000000000 +0000
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(Sergei - Fri, 23 Jul 2010, 12:05
Architecture Review updated:  -> Sergei
Architecture Review signoff
Implementor signoff
Code Review updated:  -> Sergei
Documentation updated:  -> Dbart

(Sergei - Thu, 01 Jul 2010, 06:20
Observers changed: Sergei

(Knielsen - Mon, 07 Jun 2010, 07:12
Help Andrew with the integration.
Worked 2 hours and estimate 7 hours remain (original estimate unchanged).

(Knielsen - Mon, 31 May 2010, 06:49
Wrote patch that allows to test SphinxSE in mysql-test-run, using external Sphinx daemon.
Worked 7 hours and estimate 9 hours remain (original estimate unchanged).
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